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So you don't think it's an emergency?


Many of us are so busy during the working week that we tend to ignore a mild toothache or sensitivity that really does warrant a trip to the dentist. The trouble is, such symptoms can escalate and might peak at an even less convenient time.

Likewise, accidents affecting the teeth and gums happen when we least expect them or believe we don’t have time to attend to them.

In either case, at Smile Solutions we understand your plight. We are here to help, with our emergency dentists on standby 7 days a week.

As Australia’s largest dental practice in a single location, Smile Solutions is in a unique position to offer you and your loved ones all of the following:

  • Treatment 7 days a week, with extended hours and award-winning customer service.
  • Firm quotes before treatment begins, with payment options.
  • A team of some 82¬†general dentists, registered specialists and hygienists. This enables us to invest in the very best technology and equipment and to offer the full spectrum of dental treatments seamlessly and without delay.
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