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Welcome to the Emergency Dentists Melbourne

If you are presently experiencing a dental emergency, please call 13 13 96 to speak to a member of the Smile Solutions team in Melbourne. We reserve appointments daily to cater for dental emergencies. For after-hours contact: 0419­ 555­ 011.

Common signs of an emergency:

  • toothache, sensitivity to hot and/or cold, and mild to moderate facial swelling
  • ear pain and/or headache, difficulty opening the mouth, chewing or speaking
  • chipped or badly broken teeth, displaced teeth, lost fillings or crowns
  • gum pain, bleeding from the gums and abscesses.


Our dentists can treat all of these conditions.


Medical emergencies and WHAT TO DO

In rare cases, a dental emergency may be part of a medical emergency.

  • Are you having difficulty breathing?
  • Is there significant swelling near your jaw?
  • Are you having difficulty swallowing?
  • Are you unable to eat or drink?


If you answered YES to question 1, or if you answered YES to 2 or more of the above questions, we recommend you dial 000 for an ambulance or go straight to your nearest hospital Accident and Emergency Department. You will most likely be classified as Triage 1, for immediate treatment.

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